If you’re serious about winning then you need to be on the radio.  But not just any radio station.  TWO radio stations that broadcast exclusively to the Westplex and target that elusive voter that everyone is trying to reach:  THE SUBURBAN WOMAN VOTER!

KSLQ has been around since the 1980’s.  And since 1995 KSLQ has been targeted at women 25 to 64 with a music oriented format.   Want more info on KSLQ?   CLICK HERE to go to the KSLQ web page.

Westplex 107.1 has been serving the heart of the Westplex for over two years.   Like KSLQ, Westplex 107.1 is targeted at women, but a slightly younger demographic of 18 to 54.   CLICK HERE to go to the Westplex 107.1 web page.